Independent Medical Experts Network (IMENET) is a nationwide company of Medical, Dental and Chiropractic professionals that provides you with expert testimony on all cases including those that require depositions, arbitrations or formal hearings. For a small administrative fee IMENET staff will arrange INDEPENDENT EVALUATION with the MEDICAL EXPERT of YOUR CHOICE. IMENET robust database will allow you the instantaneous search of all registered experts in the field of your choice throughout UNITED STATES.

We will make sure that all payment arrangements are fulfilled on time.

IMENET allows registered providers and registered users to track their referrals instantaneously communicate with IMENET staff, post and retrieve reports straight into and from the examined profile making and make it available to all involve inquiring parties! Choose Independent Medical Experts Network today!

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IMENET, Inc. provides FREE advertising opportunities to Health Care Providers that provide treatment in Personal Injuries, Workers’ Compensation and Malpractice Cases.

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